Designing an Effective Change Control Process

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Formal change control does not even exist in many companies today. The excuse typically falls somewhere between “we don’t have the time to set it up” and “we don’t know how to do it or where to start.”

Companies that use those excuses ironically spend more time dealing with downstream and long term repeated issues than they would if they took the time to outline a feasible change process.

We live in a business environment where costly recalls, lawsuits and product reliability are paramount and a formal change control process would undoubtedly support all those efforts.

Organizations that do have basic change controls in place often do not consider the effects of that change throughout the organization. In many cases, engineering itself is left in the dark.

For example, companies that manage change through their ERP system usually do not have a closed loop process to get the CAD data updated at its source. The engineering data is usually updated or modified to reflect the change within the ERP system; however, that information is rarely shared back to the original CAD source. This will result in an error if that part is reused at a later time.

In many cases, the change process does not account for any cost analysis or change justification prior to making the change. Usually, the change command is simply made without question by whoever decided it was necessary.

What you will learn

When you download this eBook on Designing an Effective Change Control Process, you're going to learn that a complete change control process can be broken down into three basic phases:

  • Issue or problem reporting
  • Change request or approval process
  • Change notice or execution

Learn the basic concepts that should be considered when defining a change control process in your organization.

Designing an Effective Change Control Process

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