Manufacturing With and Without Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

eBook: Manufacturing With and Without Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Why You Should Download

Many people think Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems are only for the Engineering department. At one point this may have been true. However, we are starting to see a shift in that mind set.

More and more companies are beginning to see the benefit, and even the necessity, in giving manufacturing direct access to the appropriate engineering data through a robust PLM system.

In this eBook, we will outline a fictional use case - first without PLM in manufacturing and then with PLM in manufacturing. We will then tie it all together by highlighting key benefits of having PLM in manufacturing.

What you will learn

One thing to note as you are reading - these use cases are not all-inclusive. There are many possible actions that need to be taken to begin manufacturing a new product. We are simplifying for the purpose of maintaining a storyline that is easier to follow.

  • Manufacturing without PLM
  • Manufacturing with PLM
  • Benefits of PLM

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