ThingWorx Navigate

Universal data access software to help keep your product data organized and up to date.

 Unleash the value of product data to your organization.


Connect Data

from all your enterprise systems


Experience & Distribute 

 your data in new ways


 product quality & collaboration 

ThingWorx Navigate is: 

A fast, easy way to share rich requirements information with all product stakeholders. 


 See How it Works


PTC Navigate provides complete, contextual, up-to-date, and accurate product data from all of your systems of record like PLM, ALM, and others – without complex user experiences, lengthy training, inflexible integration projects, or long-term customizations.

Leveraging ThingWorx technology, PTC Navigate apps can easily be tailored and deployed to roles across your company and extended to include data from other systems of record and even data from smart, connected products.

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Discover How it Works

Creating an organized system of connected product data allows your team to make more accurate product decisions



 Suitable For Any Enterprise

Where expert engineers use Windchill PLM and/or Integrity ALM, and have other stakeholder's throughout a product's lifecycle that could benefit from direct access to information in a simpler, more intuitive and easy-to-use interface that doesn't hinder the instant acquisition of the latest, most up-to-the-minute product data.  



Simple controls limit or expand what can be viewed and searched based on selected properties and attributes of the data 


System- Agnostic

Back-end systems can be updated independently so the user is unterrupted by upgrades, replacements, data migrations, and other updates



Apps extend PLM data to include information from ERP, CRM, MES, and other enterprise systems


Data is only served based on the security permissions of the user in the system of record


With ThingWorx Mobile Builder, apps can be accessed via users' device of choice- smartphone, tablet, PC- and preferred platform - Microsoft, iOS, OSX, Android


Using the developer toolkit, fully customized apps can be created from the ground-up that leverage existing ThingWorx Capabilities. 

Experience your data in new ways that are.. 


Training-free, accessible, easy-to-use modern user interface 


Contextualize data from many sources based on the user's needs. 

Faster time-to-value

Deploy in hours or days, not weeks or months


Provide one, familiar user experience across multiple systems

ThingWorx Navigate's  suite of simple and customizable applications enable your organization to access product data and easily: 

View Documents

View Drawings

View Part Properties

View Component Part Lists

View Part Structures

View/Download Design Files

View & Measure in 3D

View Requirements

 The Benefits of ThingWorx Navigate

The Results 

By democratizing PLM data this way, teams who impact the product throughout its lifecycle can easily access the real-time, change-managed, single source of truth for product knowledge, ensuring that every stakeholder involved in the product lifecycle is leveraging accurate information for their decisions. 

Accurate Decision Making

Relevant data from multiple systems delivered in context.

Higher Product Quality

Decisions and actions driven by up-to-date information.

New Product Insights

Relevant data from multiple systems delivered in context.

Greater Value

Extend exsisting technologies to more users with better adoption. 


ThingWorx Navigate is ideal for any stakeholder throughout a product's lifecycle that needs access to the latest, most accurate information to drive critical decisions. 

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