3D Printing: Trends, Strategy, and Application Tactics

3D Printing: Trends, Strategy, and Application Tactics


Why You Should Download

3D printing has not only transformed the way we manufacture products, it’s transformed the entire manufacturing process.

Prototyping products can be timely and costly. What once involved numerous departments and countless man-hours can now be done by one engineer and the click of a button.

As a leader in product development strategy and technology, we knew we couldn’t afford to be complacent as the additive manufacturing industry escalated.

3D Printing is a transformative technology that is changing the way organizations approach product development. It enables rapid prototyping of new products, reiteration of product design, and inexpensive low-volume manufacturing. It has revolutionized the product development process.

What you will learn

Learn what trends exist, how to unpack a strategy, and what to consider before integrating 3D printing in your organization.

  • Trends including:
    • Increased spending
    • Strategic clarity
    • Popular materials and technology
    • Profession and education
  • Strategy including:
    • Improve product offering
    • Organizational process improvement
    • Implementation strategy
    • Internal champion/ 3D printer leader

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