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Just in case you need proof that our clients put their confidence in us with no regrets...
Here are some testimonials.

"The most valuable part of partnering with EAC goes back to having faith very early on that the technical rigor and detail was being addressed. I was assured that the EAC team was going to do the diligence necessary to create a good design because of this." -Mike Ardito, Director of Product Development, Milestone AV Technologies

"[The EAC Project Engineer] came into the CyberOptics facility with his own hardware and license and started contributing from day one with minimal oversight." - Mark Schoeneck, Senior Mechanical Engineer, CyberOptics

"Design time was compressed and schedules were met with a proactive project team from EAC. Even when the schedule was not confirmed, they were proactive in gathering information and hitting milestones to deliver quality designs." -Craig Peterson, Engineering Supervisor, Wagner Spray Tech

"Nice project management and prompt work completion." -Adam Erickson, Product Engineer, Tamarack Hibilitation Tech

"EAC did a very nice job coming up with some innovative solutions to simplify the hanging bracket and dramatically reduce the amount of machining needed." -Josh Siebert, Engineering Manager, Condux International

"EAC is literally an extension of my design staff." -Wayne Roberts, Engineering Manager, Wagner Spray Tech

"EAC is a consistent and reliable resource. They really know our products. Other engineering service providers do not have that personal touch." -Mitchell Kieffer, CEO, Core Distribution Inc. 

"A report within 24 hours! There's no question about EAC's expertise and dedication to their customers." -Jim Eng, Engineer, FlexMation

"EAC provided us with an excellent service, exceeding our expectations." - Prabhu Ranganathan, Manufacturing Engineer, ATMI Inc.

"EAC was able to decrease the overall weight by nearly half. They did a nice job coming up with innovative solutions to reduce the amount of machining required by the hanging fixture." - Josh Siebert, Engineering Manager, Condux International

"The EAC team delivered an excellent design within the timeframe of the project." -Brian Zirelbach, Mechanical Engineer, Nilfisk - Advance Inc.

"We needed 3D modeling expertise and experience in getting a design to manufacture stage. EAC looked at the mechanics of our product in detail and produced a well-optimized design and high quality drawings." - Eric Wahl, Owner, Colorado Solar Inc. 

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